• The applicant must have the intellectual property rights of the mobile application submitted or have the proof of endorsements from its clients, designers, developers, agents or other relevant parties that have all or part of the intellectual property right of the entry.
  • A significant part of development effort must come from local resources. Applicant can use development tools from local or overseas, however a higher weighting will be attached to entries that demonstrate the use of local products.
  • The application must be submitted by a locally registered company, involving as

    1. the main creator(s) (including the brand owner, the software developer and/or the content provider) of the mobile application; or
    2. the party that develops or adopts the mobile application.
  • The applicant is advised to submit its application(s) to the most appropriate category. The Organiser reserves the rights to reallocate a submission to the most appropriate category if needed.
  • Entries must not be publicly published or released before 1 Jan 2012.